‘Bewafa Sonam’ asked in IIT Exam


At  IIT-Delhi, a humanities professor asked a question on the impacts of demonetization related to suicide rate  in  India.
The humanities and social sciences at IIT Delhi Professor Ravinder Kaur said the students showed much interest in the debate because they realised that the topic discussed, it is Demonetisation has finally reached the examination halls at Indian Institute of Technology.

The sociology question paper was asked whether the suicide would rise up or down due to demonetization. The question was a compulsory question for a 10-mark question in reference to Durkheim’s (French philosopher) suicide theory.
Prof Ravinder Kaur, head of humanities and social sciences department at IIT-Delhi, said that In social sciences (and humanities), they often try to illustrate and explicate theoretical concepts and ideas by relating to contemporary events and current affairs .

Students tend  to be more engaged with the teaching when they realise it has some usefulness for understanding what is happening around them and such questions make students learn how to think logically and creatively and not simply reproduce what has been taught in class or given in a book or a theory according to professor Kaur.
“It is fascinating to write on an issue the entire nation—in fact, other countries too—are talking about. The question could have been simply put up by asking Durkheim’s suicide theory but linking it with demonetization was a creative way to present. The answers will be worth looking at, ” a student from IIT said.




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