Bengaluru: Lord Ganesha creates awareness about road safety

Lord Ganesha

Bengaluru, July 31: After ‘Yamraj’, now  Lord Ganesha was seen campaigning about traffic rules and road safety in Bengaluru. 

City police with a man dressed as ‘Ganesha’ with a banner about following traffic rules was seen walking in the streets yesterday.

Last month, it was ‘Yamraj’ (the God of death) walking down the Bengaluru roads.

Theatre artist was dressed up as the Hindu god of death, Yamraj, depicting the fatal outcome of not following traffic rules and regulations.

The aim was to apprehend motorcyclists for not wearing helmets and car users for not wearing seatbelts. The god proclaimed that “A small mistake can be deathly. Obey traffic rules and protect your life.”

This comes as part of a unique safety drive conducted by Bengaluru traffic police, in asociation with theatre artists, to create awareness about traffic rules.


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