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New Delhi, June 14: Summer heat is unbearable, but don’t let the sun make you ill. Take proper precautions in this heat and humidity and make yourself cool.

Some tips which can help you to keep cool in the scorching summers:

* Keep yourself hydrated

During summer, bend tend to lose lot of water, so drink plenty of water. Try to take lot of liquids in the form of water and water rich fruits like watermelon, oranges.

Have fruits in morning and try to avoid fruits in the night as the sugar level of the fruits keeps you energetic and is absorbed in day more as compared to night.

*Cut short hair

In summer, style your hair with short cut which is away from your neck or try to do ponytails, buns and look cool.

* Wear appropriate clothes

In summers, wear light coloured clothes which don’t absorb heat. Also do shopping for clothes like cotton, linen which are light and breathable.

Wear skirts, shorts, flawy dresses and avoid denims, tight fitting clothes.

* Add lemon in diet

Lemon is rich in Vitamin-C that helps to keep skin healthy which got dry and dull in sun. Have a lemonade or squeeze lemon on fruits and salads.

* Add onions in meal

Onions have amazing cooling properties, add it to your curries, dips, raitas, salads and chutneys to help keep you cool. The red onions, in particular, are very rich in quercetin, which is a natural anti-allergen.

* Avoid caffeine

Drinks such as coffee, tea are rich in caffeine and dehydrate body. So try to stay away from caffeinated drinks and have refreshing fruit infused drinks.

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