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New Delhi, May 28: Perfect time to be stylish and comfy is summer. Want a fresh new look for the summer jollies?

Ragini Varma, fashion expert at the fashion e-commerce portal, Fynd, has shared some tips that will help to re-create your wardrobe.

“While you can go completely experimental in the hot days ahead, choose the right material and styles to flaunt the right look. After all, as summer sets in, the urge to stay comfortable takes priority over style.” Ragini says.

Some of the fashion trends which make you feel cool:

1. Look chic with sheer

In this sultry weather, sheer is a trend worth exploring.

Sheer is a raging fashion trend this season with tees and dresses. Look for a high-waisted sheer skirt and pair it with a solid top or pair a see-through shirt/top with your favourite denims.

2. Try slogan written clothes

Slogan t-shirts became a style statement for many. These are used to express your views aswell. The shirts may be plain but the words can attract people towards you.

3. Go for off shoulder tops

Not only are they adorable, but can also be styled with everything from denim cut-offs, jeans or your favourite shorts, skirts flares to midi skirts.

4. Say no to blacks and blues

In summers, must fill your wardrobe with soft and lighter colours like pastels, lime green, minty green, baby pinks, peach and goodbye to all your dark and dreary outfits.Pastel shades will also amp up your sartorial choices and transform your styles with a fresh appeal.

5. Bling with Embroidery

Embroidery or patchwork patterns can be added as a pinch of salt in your receipe and you will classy in your dress. Exquisite embroidery, floral handwork, minimal brocade and patchwork add a subtle luxury and glamour your overall ensemble.

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