Supreme Court rejects plea on cracker ban


New Delhi, Oct 13: Reiterating the previous verdict of banning firecrackers in Delhi and NCR,  the Supreme Court refused to modify its earlier order on the sale of firecrackers.

The ban on crackers sale will continue till further hearing in the case.

‘We will ascertain after Diwali if there has been a difference in pollution levels’, said Supreme Court.

Traders with temporary licenses approached the Supreme Court demanding a relaxation of the ban on the sale of firecrackers.

The Supreme Court of India on Monday banned the sale of firecrackers in the Delhi-National Capital Region (NCR) ahead of Diwali citing air pollution as the reason.

Meanwhile, Punjab and Haryana High Court ordered to conduct draw for giving licenses to sell firecrackers.

The move has widely received collective responses with a majority of hailing the decisions as last year, the capital was covered with a thick layer of smoke raising breathing problems among elders and children as well.

This time, keeping the view of rising air pollution level in Delhi, the apex court pronounced the banning of firecrackers.

While the firecrackers sellers are not happy with the move as the traders who have already purchased the crackers are facing major loss. Expressing dissatisfaction over the move, traders said that after demonetisation and GST they are not able to face the crisis over the firecrackers’ ban.

They also said that they had paid 28% GST on firecrackers, but after Supreme Court’s order , hey had to shut their shop.

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