Baloch Separatist Leader Aslam Baloch, Killed In Kandahar Attack: Reports

The Ministry of Interior Affairs says six people were killed in the suicide bombing in Kandahar on Monday.
Aslam Baloch Baluchistan Liberation Army

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) on Wednesday said that at least six civilians were killed after a suicide bomber targeted a civilian vehicle in Aino Mina Township in Kandahar city on Monday.

Sources meanwhile said that Aslam Baloch, the leader of Baluchistan Liberation Army (BLA) was among those killed in the attack.

But, the Ministry of Interior has not confirmed the report.

“A number of civilians were killed as a result of the suicide attack in Aino Mina Township. They are six people and two others were wounded. It is said that a number of Baloch nationals were among those martyred,” said Interior Ministry spokesman Najib Danish.

While the Pakistani media reported that Asalam Baloch was the mastermind of suicide attack on Chinese embassy in the Pakistani port city of Karachi, a number of political experts described Baloch as a migrant in Afghanistan.

“Pakistan asked for serious suppressing of separatists on Afghan soil when the Afghanistan-Pakistan intelligence sharing agreement was signed. It had a big meaning. I hope that this agreement is not in the implementation phase or it is not executed in informal shape, because it would have devastative implications ahead, in the view of that, the Baloch was targeted by Pakistan’s ISI,” said political commentator Ajmal Balochzada.

The Baloch separatist Aslam Baloch was living in Afghanistan’s Kandahar province since 2005.

“The Baloch people are fighting very tough. The Pakistani military does not want them to be free, because they will lose 60 to 70 percent of Pakistan’s territory if the Balochis get freedom,” said political analyst Dawar Nadi.

Aslam Baloch has been one of the mainstream critics of the Pakistani government. He had sustained wounds in the past after a clash with Pakistani security forces.

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