Baloch activists protest outside Chinese embassy in London


Baloch activists carried out a protest on Monday in London outside the Chinese embassy.

Activists began the protest which will be carried out for a week as they will sit outside the embassy because China has backed Pakistan.

The Baloch activists have accused China of helping Pakistan in committing “atrocities and human rights violations in Balochistan.”

They are going to protest till 1st October as it is the Chinese National Day. We have also taken legal permission to protest, Harbiyar Marri a baloch activist said.

“We will sit here for a week 24 hours every day. China is helping Pakistan with the human rights violations in Balochistan. Despite several Baloch warnings, China continues exploiting Baloch resources and is an official partner of Pakistan in Baloch atrocities,” Faiz Muhammad Baloch, a protester and activist from Free Balochistan Movement told media.

The protesters gathered outside the Chinese embassy on Sunday night.

They also protested against the $46 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and said that China is looting the Baloch resources while people of Balochistan are condemned to live amid negligence and poverty.

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