Bad cold results in loneliness  

New York, April 3: A study says, if you are lonely, the chances of cold becoming worse increases.

The people who have stronger social bonds are not prone to feel lonely as compare to those who are lonely, a study published in the journal Health Psychology.

According to a researcher Angie LeRoy from Rice University in Houston, Texas, “Loneliness puts people at risk for premature mortality and all kinds of other physical illnesses.”

“But nothing had been done to look at an acute but temporary illness that we’re all vulnerable to, like the common cold,” LeRoy added.

The researchers also drew a distinction between feeling lonely and actual social isolation.

“You can be in a crowded room and feel lonely. That perception is what seems to be important when it comes to these cold symptoms,” LeRoy said.
The study was conducted on 159 people between ages 18 and 55, they were assessed for their psychological and physical health, given cold-inducing nasal drops and kept them in hotel rooms for five days.

The level of loneliness becomes more who are infected with high level of cold.

“If you build those networks — consistently working on them and your relationships — when you do fall ill, it may not feel so bad,” she added.


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