Baby’s mental skills can improve by Father’s involvement

Baby's mental skills

London, May 11: At the age of three months new fathers spend time in playing or reading books with your newborn for developing his or her cognitive skills and when they are of two years help them in recognising colours and shapes, researchers say.

“Even as early as three months, these father-child interactions can positively predict cognitive development almost two years later, so there’s something probably quite meaningful for later development,” said Paul Ramchandani, Professor at Imperial College London.

“The clear message for new fathers here is to get stuck in and play with your baby. Even when they’re really young playing and interacting with them can have a positive effect,” Ramchandani added.

According to a research published in the Infant Mental Health Journal, children who have book reading sessions with their fathers can enhance problem-solving, language and social skills, at the age of two.

“This suggests that reading activities and educational references may support cognitive and learn development in these children,” explained Vaheshta Sethna from King’s College London.

Whether the child was a boy or a girl, father’s active involvement helped in developing higher cognitive skills in children.

The test was conducted on 128 fathers, they found a positive correlation between the time fathers engaged with their babies and how the children scored on the tests.

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