Azim Premji Urges All to Come Together to Fight Against COVID-19 Pandemic

‘I wish we all have the courage and strength to deal with the tragedy that is still unfolding,’ Wipro founder-chairman Azim Premji said.
Azim Premji Wipro
Azim Premji. (File Photo: IANS)

New Delhi: Wipro founder-chairman Azim Premji on Wednesday said that the country must come together as “one” to beat the second wave of the coronavirus pandemic. Premji was speaking at event — Positivity Initiative — organised by RSS to address the “ongoing challenges and negativity prevailing due to the second wave of the coronavirus,” according to the organizer.

The Indian business tycoon started his speech by saying, “Let me start not with a good morning or good evening but by sharing the grief of too many of our people who have lost their friends and family in this unprecedented crisis.”

“I wish we all have the courage and strength to deal with the tragedy that is still unfolding,” he added.

Premji listed out three things that must be addressed “in this hour of crisis”.

Firstly, we must act with the greatest of speed on all fronts and these actions must be based on good science. Actions which are not based on science in reality have a detrimental effect in the long run, he mentioned.

“At the core of the idea of good science is the matter of being willing to accept and confront the truth. Science and truth are the foundation on which we can tackle this crisis and ensure that it is not repeated,” Premji said.

Secondly, we need to drop all our differences and understand that this situation requires unity of action, Wipro founder said reminding all the old proverb, “together we are stronger, divided we continue to struggle.”

“Thirdly, we have to be absolutely focussed on the plight of the most vulnerable,” he said. The economic impact of the pandemic has devastated people’s lives, especially those who are in the rural areas. “All our actions must give vulnerable the priority that they deserve,” Premji added.

“We need to restructure our society and economy, so that our country does not have this kind of inequity and injustice,” he said.

“In the end, I can only urge all of us to come together and do everything we can and more because this hour demands it. I wish all of you safety and strength,” he concluded.

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