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‘Ayodhya Judgment Rewards Illegal Acts’ : Muslim Parties Seek Review Of Verdict Allowing Temple In Disputed Site



Babri Masjid in Ayodhya

New Delhi, Dec 2 : A Muslim party to the Ayodhya dispute in its verdict review petition on Monday claimed that the apex court committed an apparent error by elevating a mere look at the central dome by the Hindu parties to a claim of possessory title.

Though the judgement had gone in detail on ascertaining the top court view on the issue.

The petition, filed by Maulana Syed Ashhad Rashidi, President of the Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind, has raised a volley of questions, challenging the November 9 Ayodhya title dispute judgment.

The petition emphasises that from 1528 to 1857 there was no whisper and/or demand of any place called Sri Ram’s birthplace within the precincts of the Babri Masjid, and a chabutra (platform) was illegally constructed within the boundary. It was outside the inner courtyard of the mosque.

In this context, the top court had observed that the inner courtyard was a matter of contestation between Hindus and Muslims with “Muslims asserting it to be a place of worship and Hindus periodically contesting it by seeking entry as they had obtained prior to the setting up of the railing,” it said.

A five-judge Bench, headed by then Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi, examined this issue in detail. According to the judgment, the documentary evidence indicates that the riots of 1856-57 led to the colonial government erecting a wall with railings to bifurcate the areas of worship — for Muslims within the inner courtyard and Hindus in the outer courtyard. Prior to the railing’s construction there was no restriction on access for Hindus to offer worship inside the domed structure.

“Evidently, prior to the setting up of the railing, there was no such clear-cut demarcation and Hindus and Muslims had offered worship within the structure. The setting up and offering worship at the chabutra immediately outside the railing and in close proximity to it is an indicator that Hindus asserted their right to worship at what they believed was the birthplace of Lord Ram”, said the judgement. Therefore, Hindus prayed at the railing looking at the central dome of the mosque.

The top court observed that the setting up of the platform was proximate both in terms of distance and time. “The establishment of the chabutra is an event, which was an immediate consequence of the setting up of the railing to bifurcate a contiguous and consolidated area into the inner courtyard and outer courtyard”, observed the court.

The documentary evidence also shows that the setting up of the railing didn’t as a matter of fact result in an absolute division of the courtyards as separate and identified places of worship for the two communities.

“The record of contemporary date doesn’t indicate total exclusion of Hindus from the inner courtyard despite the construction of the railing”, said the top court.

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Priyanka Gandhi writes to Yogi, demands better price for sugarcane

The State government has fixed the sugarcane prices at Rs 315 per quintal and it has remain unchanged from the last year.




New Delhi, Dec 11 : Amid protests from sugarcane farmers in western parts of Uttar Pradesh, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Wednesday wrote to Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and demanded better price for the sugarcane.

Priyanka Gandhi wrote: “UP government has not raised the sugarcane price this year. I am surprised that in the last crushing season also, the prices were not raised. While your Government has raised the rates of electricity, fertilizers, but the sugarcane price has not been raised, even though the cost of labour has also increased”.

“The farmers are not getting back their input cost and I request you to raise the price of the sugarcane in view of the distress in the community”, she said.

The State government has fixed the sugarcane prices at Rs 315 per quintal and it has remain unchanged from the last year.

The farmers’ Unions in the state are up in arms against this. They have blocked many arterial roads in Meerut, which is the highest sugarcane producing region in the state. The protesters blocked the main highway leading to the Meerut-Karnal road and the arterial road adjacent to Muzaffarnagar.

On Saturday the state government announced that the rates will not be changed this year also, to the disappointment of the farmers. The farmers are also worried that their dues of the previous year have also not been paid.

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JD(U) to support Citizenship Amendment Bill in Rajya Sabha

The Rajya Sabha is debating the contentious Citizenship (Amendment) Bill




Delhi: The Janta Dal United JD(U) to support Citizenship Amendment Bill in Rajya Sabha. JD(U) MP Ram Chandra Prasad Singh says the Bill is not affecting any rights of Indian citizens.

JD(U) member Ram Chandra Prasad Singh said his party supports the Bill. “I am supporting this Bill. I was really amazed about this Bill and what is being discussed in the House.”

He claimed that the bill is simple that the people who were persecuted due to religion will be given citizenship rights and protected.

“Who all are citizens of India have equal rights… India has its own culture,” he said, adding that people are unnecessarily making a hue and cry of it.

He also stressed that India had three Presidents hailing from minority communities. “But we all know what is happening in Pakistan with minorities,” Singh said.

Talking about his party, Singh said: “We support brotherhood. In this country, if anything happens in the name of religion we will never be behind it. We all are Indians.”

Union Home Minister Amit Shah moved the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019 in the Upper House on Wednesday saying that the Bill is a ray of hope for minority people living in a very critical situation in India’s three neighbouring countries – Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh – as well as for those who came to India but have not been given citizenship.

The Bill was cleared in the Lok Sabha on Monday.

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We oppose this bill as it is anti-Muslim: TRS



Dr K Keshav Rao

Delhi: We oppose this bill as it is anti-Muslim. It is wrong to say that India was divided on the basis of religion during Partition. We were not. What is the fear in Assam today?

The fear is that some may not remain a citizen of this nation. We agree that persecuted religious minorities should be protected. But no community should be excluded.

This bill is against Muslims. It cannot be read in isolation. It has to be read along with the NRC.

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