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narendra modi
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Modi is the Problem

We don’t wish similar thing happening to India. The problem is not as what happened in last 70 years. Actually, the problem is what Modi has been trying to do in last 4 years.
Narendra Modi
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Four years of Modi: an era of all round disaster

Modi Govt has made it necessary for all those who cherish secular democracy, economic development and the parliamentary democratic set-up to unite urgently to resist the fascistic onslaught which may restrain the present regime from further damaging our country.
Budget 2018
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Opinion : The Budget was a damp squib

Under Obamacare subsidies covering around 26 million families was estimated to cost $42 billion in 2017. Modicare covering 100 million families allocates $300 million! Even assuming healthcare in India costs one-tenth of US, Modi Govt will still need at least $15 billion a year.
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The PEW survey: the good and bad

The survey states that BJP supporters expressed more favourable opinion on the Indian economy than the Congress supporters and that is understandable as why they should say otherwise.