Austria election: Sebastian Kurz to regain power

Sebastian Kurz

Vienna, Sep 30: Sebastian Kurz’s center-right Austrian People’s Party has ranked first with 37.2 per cent of the vote in Sunday’s parliamentary polls,but he will need a partner to form a stable government.

With 37.2 per cent of the votes and 71 seats in Parliament, Kurz on Sunday came out with an additional 5.6 per cent of the votes and nine more lawmakers than in the snap elections called two years ago.In May the government collapsed due to the “Ibizagate” scandal that forced Strache to step down and led Kurz to end the coalition with the FPO.

His recent administration in coalition with the ultranationalists of the Freedom Party of Austria (FPO), was brief – just 17 months plagued with assorted scandals among his partners and the rupture of the coalition along with a censure motion that brought down his government.

“In May, we were defeated and the people now once again have elected us,” the conservative 33-year-old leader proclaimed in his first remarks after the release of election results.

Kurz said he felt very impressed with the result. Although all the voter surveys had indicated he would win, the outcome, he admitted, was better than he had expected.

With 16 per cent of the votes, the right-wing populist FPO lost 21 of the 51 seats in Parliament that it had, a more precipitous plunge among voters than had been forecast.

Despite the People’s Party’s strong showing, it will not have a majority in parliament and Kurz will need coalition partners.

The sting video had been secretly recorded before the 2017 election at a villa in the Spanish island of Ibiza. In it, Strache is seen promising government contracts to a woman posing as the niece of a Russian oligarch.

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