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Astro Zindagi – Weekly Horoscope



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Here is a guide to the week ahead for you. To be seen from the moon sign (Rashi), this is your forecast for August 10-16


Your self-confidence will be at its peak this week. You will spend time on yourself and will prioritise tasks meticulously. You will remain energetic and ambitious and will be able to take some tough decisions at work. You are likely to be somewhat intolerant of divergent opinions which can lead to arguments. Try to see things from others’ perspective to obtain the necessary cooperation at home and workplace. In the middle of the week, you will like to remain a home bird and will spend time with family. It may not be a bad idea to assess your ongoing saving schemes to ensure they are headed in the right direction. Towards the end of the week, you could travel on account of work. Married life will remain harmonious and it may not be a bad idea to take stock of pending family matters. By and large, health will remain fine but infections relating to chest should not be ignored.
Tip of the week: Take everybody along
Lucky days: Monday, Tuesday


At the beginning of the week, you may be bogged down by financial worries. There can be additional expenditure related to health which may cause anxiety and stress. However, by the middle of the week, you will regain your composure and will be able to take decisions to improve your monetary health. Towards the second half of the week, you will be able to repay debts. Any outstanding payment is likely to be recovered which will increase your liquidity. This is a good time to consider a change of job and you might hear positive news in this regard by the end of the week. Health will need supervision especially during the initial part of the week. Sensitive areas include eyes, throat and respiratory tract. Students appearing for competitive exams will perform better than expected. Any form of physical workout will help improve your well-being.
Tip of the week: Plan your savings
Lucky days: Thursday, Friday


The beginning of the week will bring good news pertaining to finances. There could be inflow of additional income by way of recovery of pending payment, improvement in stock value or gift from a loved one. You will become more structured and disciplined in your approach. Your efforts will be recognised by your seniors at work. A positive outcome can be expected by those who have recently appeared for a job interview. Due to a hectic professional life, you may not be able to spend quality time with your family. Towards the middle of the week, you could face some health concerns relating to lungs and feet. Your interest in spirituality will increase and you are likely to delve deeper in your quest to explore the unknown. Relationships with your spouse and siblings may need to be addressed on priority and any differences should be managed effectively.
Tip of the week: Structure your thoughts
Lucky days: Monday, Tuesday


This will be a satisfying week professionally, especially for those working abroad or looking for foreign collaborations. You will receive active support from friends and colleagues and you may participate in a social gathering this week. You are heading for a positive phase in your career and all your past efforts will be adequately rewarded shortly. Gain through stock investment is indicated during the middle of the week. The health of your mother may be a cause for concern, but family bond shall remain strong. Your spouse will remain cooperative and committed towards your goals. Towards the end of the week, you could face health issues relating to stomach and gall bladder. An active love life is on the cards this week and the relationship is likely to gain strength in future. Donation or charity in any form will help bring in positivity.
Tip of the week: Look for new opportunities
Lucky days: Thursday, Friday


In the initial part of the week, you may face unnecessary hurdles and obstacles in your path. You may have to put in extra effort to realise your goals and ambitions. Journeys undertaken during this week may not be fruitful and may take a physical toll. On the family front, there could be a difference of opinion with your father. Additionally, you may not be able to express your feelings and emotions which may not give you the desired satisfaction in personal relationships. Relief will be in sight from the middle of the week. Those looking for new career opportunities are likely to witness a positive development. Those in business are likely to garner profits. You could look at additional investments to expand business. Married life will continue to remain a sour point and your spouse’s health could cause worry. You will continue to evolve in your love life and strengthen the existing bond further.
Tip of the week: Wait for the right time
Lucky days: Monday, Tuesday


From the onset of the week, you are likely to face financial difficulties. You are advised to reassess your savings and take decisions as per available resources. Do not trust anyone blindly and keep your financial secrets safe, else you may find yourself in an uncomfortable situation. Your spouse will continue to be your pillar of strength. There will be gradual improvement in your situation from the middle of the week. You could participate in religious functions. Eligible natives are likely to come across suitable proposals. Students will be able to overcome obstacles in studies. There will be further improvement in your situation towards the end of the week. You could be presented with an opportunity to increase your income. On the health front, a balanced diet will go a long way in protecting you from ailments relating to stomach and digestion. Indulgence in yoga and meditation will be beneficial.
Tip of the week: Avoid trusting people blindly
Lucky days: Wednesday, Thursday


This will be an auspicious week for those involved in business. New partnerships could be formed and important business decisions could be taken. A new job opportunity could knock on your door during the initial part of the week. Those involved in metal trading, chemicals and petroleum products will see added profits. Natives looking to get married will receive suitable proposals this week and a positive outcome is on the anvil. During the middle of the week, you could face some health problems relating to respiration and nervous system. You may remain insecure about your relationships and find it difficult to trust your partner. Your emotional quotient is expected to be high this week, hence you are advised to keep your guard up to avoid being hurt. On the positive side, friends will remain supportive and a valuable advice from a near one could turn out to be positive in the long run.
Tip of the week: Keep your guard up
Lucky days: Saturday, Sunday


Health and well-being will remain your key priority areas this week. There could be stress and anxiety due to additional workload which can impact your health. Do not worry as you will be able to catch up on pending items in the later part of the week. On the positive side, sudden gain through prudent speculation is indicated. This is also a good time to obtain a new loan. Your married life will be harmonious and your spouse will stand by your side during any adverse situation. From the middle of the week, your career prospects will brighten up and there could be new job offers or business tie-ups which will elevate your status in the long run. This is a good time to repay your existing debt. However, you are advised to be cautious in making new investment decisions towards the end of the week. Health issues relating to neck, collar bone and limbs may need attention.
Tip of the week: Stay in the present
Lucky days: Wednesday, Thursday


All your pending tasks are likely to be completed this week. An increment or gain of position is expected for professionals. Profit and income from shares, lottery or prudent market investment can turn out to be profitable. Students will remain fully devoted to their studies and will taste success in competitive exams. In the middle part of the week, there could be quarrels within the family over property matters which can disturb your peace of mind. This is also the time when you could face health issues, especially those relating to the groin region. Nonetheless, you are likely to obtain support from your maternal relations. Towards the end of the week, there could be minor disputes with your loved one. But professionally, you will be well appreciated by your seniors. New business partnerships could flourish.
Tip of the week: It is time to shine
Lucky days: Monday, Tuesday


This week, you are likely to spend a lot of time with your family. The health of your mother can prove to be worrisome and adequate medical intervention is advised, as and when required. Those willing to sell property may find prospective buyers, but you are advised against finalising the deal till the beginning of next week. Those in government position may receive transfer orders. Professionally, an innovative approach will improve productivity and you shall be able to execute your plans and ideas in the desired manner. During the middle part of the week, your children’s education will keep you busy. Existing investments will offer you good gains. But relation with spouse may deteriorate as ego clashes can lead to breakdown in communication. You shall remain prone to ill health and ailments concerning lower abdomen and spine must not be taken casually.
Tip of the week: Do things differently
Lucky days: Wednesday, Thursday


This week, you will be adequately rewarded for your efforts. You need to stay proactive and undertake calculated risks to further your career prospects. Use of new forms of technology could be a boon to expand your business. You are likely to be on the move this week. A short travel is indicated in the early part of the week which will provide you additional exposure. Gains can also be expected from foreign sources in the form of new investments in your business. Siblings and friends are likely to remain supportive and you will share an affectionate relationship with them. Towards the middle of the week, expenditure on household work is indicated. Any investment decision relating to real estate should be postponed. Towards the end of the week, you will remain involved with your children as they may face some minor health issues. Your health will remain guarded.
Tip of the week: Be proactive
Lucky days: Friday, Saturday


This week, you will be able to multiply your income which will increase your savings. You could receive funds through sale of immovable asset which will improve your monetary status. You are also likely to get relief from previous loans and liabilities. During the middle of the week, you are likely to experience positive developments at your workplace. During the later part of the week, you are likely to meet new friends and indulge in recreational activities which will help you rejuvenate. However, some dispute with your sibling is likely and you are advised to be transparent in documentation work. You are likely to acquire a dominating nature which may not go down too well with your spouse, which can spoil your peace of mind. Pay heed to the advice of elderly family members. Problems related to teeth and eyes must not be ignored.
Tip of the week: Engage in recreation
Lucky days: Wednesday, Thursday

(Neeraj Dhankher is an astrologer with proficiency in Vedic, KP and Nadi Astrology. He is Founder and CEO of Astro Zindagi. The observations are made by the writer based on his own analysis)


Eyesight problems rising among kids

Besides, cases of reflective errors in terms of myopia and hypermetropia have also surfaced among children.



childrens vision problems

Lucknow, Sep 26 : With children spending more time on computers and mobile phones for online classes and gaming, cases of eye sight problems are on the rise.

Children and teens between the ages of 6 and 18 years have been found to be suffering from convergence efficiency, computer vision syndrome, reflective errors and other eye sight problems.

According to rough estimates, nearly 40 per cent children have complained of various eye and vision related problems in recent weeks.

Majority of the children are being diagnosed with convergence insufficiency — a condition in which the eyes are unable to work together when looking at nearby objects. This condition causes one eye to turn outward instead of inward with the other eye, creating double or blurred vision, said Anil Rastogi, a well-known ophthalmologist.

Children working long hours on computers and smart phones usually complain of itching or burning in eyes, watering, loss of retention power, besides headache and eye pain, Rastogi added.

Shikha Kumar, another ophthalmologist, said that since the national lockdown, most children have been found to be spending eight to 10 hours on electronic devices.

“They are either attending online classes, or watching cartoons or television and playing video games. Parents feel that this is the best way to keep them occupied but this prolonged exposure to electronic devices is playing havoc with their eyesight,” she pointed out.

Doctors say that children are being diagnosed with computer vision syndrome where they complain of pain, redness, dryness, blurring of vision, double vision and other head and neck sprains.

Besides, cases of reflective errors in terms of myopia and hypermetropia have also surfaced among children.

Doctors suggest eye exercises, frequent breaks from TV/computer/ mobile phone screens to prevent permanent damage to the eyes.

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People aged between 30-40 coming with new-found cardio issues




heart failure heart attack

New Delhi, Sep 26 : Respiratory disorders caused by Covid-19 have taken a centre-stage during the pandemic, overshadowing other burgeoning health issues, particularly cardiovascular disorders (CVDs). With the recent uptick in heart diseases over the last few months, people are facing the likelihood of cardiovascular concerns at a large scale.

The incidences of new-onset and worsening heart problems are being highlighted by medical experts. However, a worrying trend is being noticed by them where patients, coming with new-found CVD aged between 30 and 40 while the majority hails from metro cities.

“We are observing a notable shift in the trend of CVDs where people in their 30-40s are getting heart attacks and other cardiac problems, from metros like Delhi and Mumbai,” observed Dr Partap Chauhan, Director at Jiva Ayurveda, a leading Ayurvedic telemedicine organization in India.

“We had the maximum number of cases from the Maharashtra region (150+ cases), followed by Delhi (200+ cases), Uttar Pradesh (300+ cases) and Haryana (110+ cases), of which around 1,000 were males and 480 were females,” he informed.

Notably, most of these cases also had an observable trend in co-morbidity. “Our doctors consulted 670 cases for hypertension, followed by 216 cases of Hypercholesterolemia and 174 cases of Hridroga (other heart diseases),” Chauhan shared.

Besides, he also estimated that more than cases related to cardiovascular problems have increased by 50 per cent.

“Before lockdown, our doctors consulted 748 cases for cardiovascular diseases, during the complete lockdown, we got 322 cases of CVDs and post-lockdown, our doctors have consulted around 776 cases through our telemedicine centre and clinics,” Chauhan added.

Weighing on the sudden spurt in cardiovascular issues, Chauhan listed certain aggregators that contributed to the rise. “The unavailability of quality medical care and the fear of contagion is one of the few common causes for the worsening condition of patients with pre-existing heart problems. In addition to that, the sudden and disproportionate increase in causative factors such as stress, anxiety, obesity, and physical inactivity is pushing the pre-CVD segment of people in their late 40s and with existing comorbidities into becoming new patients of CVD,” he explained.

He also said that emotional factors such as Isolation, loss of employment, financial dilemmas, and the emotional burden of being away from family members or bereavement have made matters worse. “The psychological effects (loneliness, stress, anxiety, isolation, unemployment fear and economic burden) of the pandemic combined with other lifestyle factors like smoking and drinking, irregular eating habits, unhealthy diet and physical inactivity may increase CVD cases during the pandemic,” Chauhan added.

Meanwhile, stress, bad diet, and emotional turmoil is taking a toll on the heart. Chauhan said that adopting a healthy lifestyle, and adding yoga and herbs in your daily routine can help.

“Over a period, it becomes weak and coupled with incorrect lifestyle choices such as smoking, drinking alcohol or eating junk food, the already high risk of developing heart diseases goes up. Practising yoga and pranayama could reduce stress levels. A gentle head massage or full body massage with oil relieves tension and reduces the load on your heart. Switch off highly charged TV broadcasts if it is causing you stress. Spend time cultivating what makes you happy, healthy and gives you peace,” he advised.

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Muslim Family Transfers 110-Year-Old Sikh Manuscripts To Gurdwara In Pakistan

The ancient Sikhi Saroop, which had remained in the possession of a Sufi family in Gujrat in Pakistan’s Punjab province, has now been handed over to the administration of Gurdwara Baba Di Beri in Sialkot.



Kartarpur Sahib Gurdwara in Pakistan

After 90 years of safekeeping, a Sufi organisation in Pakistan has transferred over 110-year old copies of rare Sikh manuscripts to the administration of a gurdwara in Sialkot in Punjab province to strengthen Muslim-Sikh brotherhood, according to a media report.

The two manuscripts of Guru Granth Sahib had long been in the safekeeping of Pir Syed Munir Naqshbandi, a revered Sufi elder from a village of Gujarat, the Sufi organisation’s head, Iftikhar Warraich Kalravi, told The Express Tribune.

Known to be an advocate for interfaith harmony, Naqshbandi had offered asylum at his residence to a few Sikh families trying to escape ethnic violence before partition, the daily said.

“Apart from sheltering some Sikh families, he had also salvaged some of their religious scriptures and kept them from being desecrated. Among them were the two manuscripts of Guru Granth Sahib.

“When the Sufi elder passed away in the year 1950, he had left the scriptures in the safekeeping of his children and since then they have remained with the family,” said Kakravi.

Kalravi said that Pir Naqshbandi had always campaigned for Muslim-Sikh brotherhood, while also campaigning for interfaith harmony in general.

“He was known for his kindness and this led to the revered Sikh manuscripts coming into his possession. After over 90 years of safekeeping within the Pir’s family, we have now decided that the manuscripts should now be rightfully transferred to the Gurdwara Sahib. This is a great example of Muslim-Sikh friendship and will help further strengthen our relationships,” Kalravi said.

The 500-year-old Baba Di Beri Gurdwara in Sialkot, about 140 kms from here, last year in July opened its doors for Indian Sikh pilgrims. Earlier, Indians were not allowed to visit the gurdwara.

According to the Sikh tradition, when Guru Nanak — the founder of Sikhism and the first of the 10 Sikh Gurus, arrived in Sialkot from Kashmir in the 16th Century, he stayed under the tree of Beri. Sardar Natha Singh then built a gurdwara in his remembrance at the site.

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