Assassination of Indira Gandhi was predicted by pro-Khalistan leader’


According to newly declassified British government documents, former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s assasination was predicted by Pro-Khalistan leader.
A UK based top separatist Khalistani movement leader had “predicted” the killing of the then prime minister Indira Gandhi months before her assassination in October 1984.UK officials described Jagjit Singh Chauhan as a “self-styled president of the Sikh Republic of Khalistan”.

The then Margaret Thatcher-led government considered “further action” against Jagjit Singh Chauhan.”The Indian authorities have repeatedly complained about statements made in the UK by a Sikh, Dr Jagjit Singh Chauhan

In June 1984 he ‘predicted’ the death of Mrs Gandhi; he has subsequently spoken of Rajiv Gandhi being a ‘target’ reads a note prepared by UK foreign and Home Office officials in 1984.

This declassified information was revealed as the documents released on Thursday also mention India’s concerns over Hashim Qureshi, then Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front leader, and his alleged involvement in the murder of Indian diplomat Ravindran Mhatre in Birmingham.

It goes on to warn that Chauhan’s presence on UK soil could harm bilateral relations between India and the UK.

“His remarks have drawn a sharp response from the Indian government and there is a risk of severe damage to our bilateral relations. Other Sikh extremists in the UK, some of whom have sought asylum, constitute a further threat to bilateral relations,” it warns.


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