Assam floods killed 225 animals of Kaziranga national park

Assam inundated by floods

Guwahati, Aug 19: A total of 225 animals have died so far in the Kaziranga National Park in the devastating floods that wreaked havoc in the state, park officials said on Saturday.

As of Saturday, 30 per cent of the park was still submerging in the flooding water.

Earlier this month, the first wave of floods had idundater over 70 per cent of the park and claimed 105 animals’ lives, park Director Satyendra Singh said.

“The flood water is starting to recede but the pace is very slow,” Singh said. “It will take another few days to completely recede.”Assam Floods

The animals who have lost live include 178 hog deer, 15 rhinos, four elephants and one tiger.

The second wave of floods affected the state earlier this month, flooding 25 districts and hitting nearly 33 lakh people.

The floods also damaged houses and public buildings, breached embankments, damaged roads and washed away bridges.

All the northeastern states have remained cut off from the other parts of India as rail connectivity hampered forcing the Railway Board to suspend train services beyond Malda and Alipurduar (West Bengal).

In 2012, 793 animals died in Kaziranga due to heavy floods. Last year, 503 animals were died in the floods.

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