ASI unearths ‘legged coffins’ with skeletons in Baghpat

Baghpat, May 2: The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has found two decorated ‘legged coffins’ with skeletons during an excavation process in Sanauli area of Uttar Pradesh’s Baghpat district.

Besides this, cariot, helmet, shield, sword, dagger and other fascinating artifacts were also unearthed by the ASI team.

The Excavation is bieng done under Institute of Archaeology Director Dr. SK Manjul to understand the extension of burial site and also habitation area in relation with earlier findings of 2018.

“We’ve also unearthed chariot, helmet, shield, sword & dagger from grave. We started this excavation in January”, Manjul told news agency ANI.

Sanauli is the same site where ASI personnel discovered the first Bronze Age ‘chariots’.


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