Arun Shourie hits out at PM Modi, says supporting him was a mistake


New Delhi, Oct 7, 2017: Senior BJP leader and former minister Arun Shourie once again launched a devastating attack on Narendar Modi, his second in the week, saying that supporting him to be the Prime Minister was a mistake.

Delivering the inaugural address of the sixth edition of the Khushwant Singh literary festival at Kasauli, Shourie said “I made too many mistakes. My two biggest mistakes have been of supporting (former PM) V P Singh and then Narendra Modi.”

“My dear friend Chandrashekhar did tell me that he (V P Singh) is the most opportunistic fellow, but I did not take it seriously,” he said.

The former minister further added that “Don’t believe that leaders will suddenly change when they come to power. Don’t go by what they say now, but by what they’ve been doing in the past and believe that. Because, that is exactly what they’ll do in the office.”

Shourie, who was the Union minister for communications and information technology from 2002-04, was speaking on ‘How to recognise rulers for what they are’.

Earlier this week, Shourie has called the Modi government’s demonetisation as the “largest money-laundering scheme ever” and also blamed the note ban and a poorly implemented goods and services tax (GST) for inducing the current slowdown.

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