Modi’s claims of transforming India are misleading

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the last edition of ‘Mann Ki Baat’ of 2017 said that it was time to transform the country from ‘Positive India’ to ‘Progressive India but in reality under his rule, India had  witnessed progress in incidents of casteism, communalism, polarisation, unemployment, poverty along with lawlessness.

Modi should not harbour any misconception that India is a world power in the making after US President Donald Trump described India as a “leading global power “ in his 70-page first National Security Strategy (NSS) document as India  has over four lakh beggars and according to the 2011 Census a total of 92,760 are Muslim beggars in India. The percentage of beggars has increased and there is a substantial rise in child labour in household. For Ivanka Trump’s visit to Hyderabad, nearly 400 beggars were picked up from city streets and trucked away to one such center at the Chanchalguda jail.

The People have not so far witnessed any AchheDin as promised by  Modi  due to high inflation and costly education, middle class children are forced to abandon studies. “The reason behind large number of seats falling vacant in engineering colleges is not only the poor quality  of education in some institutes but also the high fees charged that prevents poor students from taking admission,” Prof Anil D Sahasrabudhe, chairman of All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) said.

To sum up the “positivity in India” under Modi’s rule, politicians of the Saffron brigade started issuing routine warmongering statements against Pakistan without any provocations resulting in spurt in ceasefire violations  and infiltration attempts and even attacks in Gurdaspur, Pathankot etc by Pakistan soldiers and non state actors (Terrorists).

On daily TV shows, Indians are forced to watch the debates on divisive political discourse, Mandir -Masjid issues, lowest level of political talks, moral policing, diktats by Hindu fundamentalists or the groups of Hindu Mahasabha, lynching of Muslims by cow vigilantes directly connected to RSS and its sister organisations in BJP ruled states.

BJP is now boasting for ruling more states after their recent victory in Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat but Indian citizens have been under huge stress due to sky  rocketing prices of essential commodities and strain due to the curtailment of Freedom and tense environment consequent to polarisation.

For a leader to lead India on a progressive path, it is pertinent for the politicians and political parties to nurture and maintain a positive atmosphere in the already damaged geopolitical environment in between India, Pakistan and China so that the region may  flourish with prosperity and development.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi has even vowed to “change the nature of the political discourse” after Modi accused former Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh of  conspiring with Pakistan.

Modi should understand that with this type of talks and tactics,India’s status will be lowered  and the region will suffer. Modi has never used his platform of Mann Ki Baat to address the real issues and grievances of the  public rather talks how he feels  and portrays himself as some Messiah (well-wisher).

Modi has been wining Assembly elections by bringing  sudden changes in the form of Demonetisation, GST rollout, inter-community polarisation, making allegations on Opposition specially Congress and on the emotive issues but it may not be easy for BJP under Modi to win assembly elections in 2018 and Lok Sabha polls in 2019.


By: Arti Bali

Senior Journalist

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