‘Are there two laws in country? One for rivals, one for BJP leaders,’ asks Anand Sharma

New Delhi, July 19 :Senior Congress leader Anand Sharma attacked the Narendra Modi government and asked “Are there two laws existing  in the country? One for rivals , one for BJP leaders.”

“The truth is that your agencies are being misused. Are there two laws in the nation? One implemented from the political point of view for political rivals & the other for your own people on whom there are serious allegations?,” Sharma said in Rajya Sabha

Attacking the BJP over corruption, Congress MP Anand Sharma said, ” In last two years , the money deposited in Swiss Banks have increased and amount of money driven outside India has surpassed decades old figures . ”



“The money meant to be deposited into people’s bank accounts as per your 2014 promise went outside India,” he added.



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