Archers Deepika, Bombalya bow out of Rio Olympics


Deepika Kumari and Bombayla Devi were beaten in their 1/8 Eliminations round of the Women’s Individual category, ending India’s campaign in women’s archery at the Rio Olympics here on Thursday.

Deepika went down to Taipei’s Ting Tan Ya 80-87 (27-28, 26-29, 27-30) at the Sambodromo arena.

Later, Bombayla lost to Alejandra Valencia of Mexico 102-104 (26-28, 26-23, 27-28, 23-25).
Deepika was meeker of the two in their contrasting defeats.

The 22-year-old started the match with a nine pointer, following it up with an eight and 10.

But the cumulative 27 points in the first set were not enough for her to win as Tan Ya-Ting proved superior to take the first set. She scored 10, nine, nine to make it 28.

In the second set, Deepika totally lost her rhythm and scored 26 points to lose the set 26-29.

The third set saw Deepika gaining her confidence with three straight nine pointers, but the Chinese-Taipei scored perfect 30 to clinch the issue.

Deepika defeated the higher ranked Kristine Esebua of Georgia in the 1/32 Eliminators before getting the better of Italy’s Guendalina Sartori of Italy in the 1/16 Eliminators on Wednesday.

Bombayla gave a fight to her Mexican opponent.

She began the contest poorly, barely managing a 7 to lose the first set 26-28.

She improved in the second set, hitting two nine pointer to square the contest.

She began the third set confidently with a perfect 10 but Alejandra upped her game, hitting two 10s to claim it 28-27.

That tilted the contest in the Mexican’s favour as the Manipuri’s aim fell apart, hitting 6,9 and 8 in her final three attempts of the fourth set to surrender the contest.


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