Anyone can join it and get a post, says BJP leader Haribhau Bagade

Mumbai, Dec 27: Maharashtra Legislative Assembly speaker Haribhau Bagde on Tuesday slammed his own party saying anyone can join it and get a post. 

Bagde came up with this remark while addressing a gathering in Aurangabad on the occasion of former Prime Minister AB Vajpayee’s birth anniversary organised by veteran leaders from Jansangh, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and BJP.

Flagging concern over unlike due diligence in the past, he said the party now allows entry without proper verification of credentials.

“Earlier, a lot of thought used to go into deciding whom to induct into the party and whom to give the posts. It was just like the inquiries we make while selecting proper groom for our girls”, news agency PTI reported.

“But now the situation has changed. Anyone can come in and is rewarded with a party post. There are a lot of changes in the party as people also change”, he asserted.

Bagde said the BJP workers can only oppose murderers and mad people from getting inducted into the party.


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