Any change which affects constitution is dangerous: Kapil Sibal

New Delhi, Dec 8: Senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal on Saturday said that any change which affects the constitution is dangerous. 

Speaking at Jagran forum, the former union minister targeted the Narendra government on a host of issues ranging from Demonetisation to Bulandshahr violence.

“Change is inevitable but any change (badlav) which leads to problems. Change the status of our institutions is of concern”.

Sibal further said that”RSS in the institutions trying to publicize the thinking of RSS, this change we did not want. I am not against the RSS but I am against the system which is being change for worst”.

“Any change that affects the constitution is dangerous”, he added.

“During the 2014 time it was a slogan: Minimum governance and Maximum benefit…Demonetisation was part of this slogan… Hundreds died standing in que for changing money… Was this minimum governance”.

Hitting out at Prime Minister, the Congress leader said “The Governor says that I am first of RSS then I am a governor. Is this change! Recently a retired Judge of SC said that the CJI was being remote controlled. Has the PM called for investigation or will he do it?”, he asked.


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