Anti-Modi Facebook Post:Notice to IAS  officer for explanation

Prime Minister Narendra Modi. (File Photo: IANS)

What to talk of criticism, Modi government cannot tolerate Indian people praising  Ex- prime minister or leaders  who have sacrificed  their lives for the nation.

The latest case comes in in which the  BJP government in Madhya Pradesh has sent a notice to  IAS officer Ajay Singh Gangwar to explain a purported Facebook post praising Nehru .

BJP acted tough after the Facebook post  by first transferring him. Gangwar, who was posted as the district collector of Barwani, was transferred as deputy secretary in the Secretariat in Bhopal “on a temporary basis till further orders”.

Why BJP leaders get upset or uncomfortable when Nehru family members are being praised or remembered  or one can say again the freedom of speech do not exist in India now  .

The one-line notice has sought his explanation within seven days on a purported Facebook post dated January 23, 2015, which referred to an opinion piece in the editorial page of Jansatta. The piece, written by a contributor, was critical of Modi’s Make in India.

BJP asked  why Ajay Singh called  for a people’s revolution (jan kranti) against Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

MP’s shunted IAS officer speaks up: They promote some icons, I praised another (Nehru)Nehru stopped India from becoming Hindu Taliban country

But Gangwar claimed  that first of all the post in question is not on his timeline and that he may have ‘liked’ an article shared on Facebook but never made that comment. “They are doing this because their action of transferring me for my comments on Nehru boomeranged on them.,’’ said the 54-year-old officer.


Gangwar said: “Whatever policy they make about freedom of speech and expression has to conform to the Constitution. Otherwise, it will be challenged in a court of law.”

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