Anti-Islam Tweet: JW Marriott sacks Chef Atul Kochhar

Chef Atul Kochhar

New Delhi, June 13: Dubai’s JW Marriott Marquis Hotel on Wednesday sacked Chef Atul Kochhar over his controversial Anti-Islam Tweet. 

The development came after Twitterverse asked for the chef’s firing for his insensitive remark.

The Gulf News confirmed the decision taken by the hotel.

It quoted the e-mailed statement by the hotel’s General Manager, Bill Keffer, which read, “Following the recent comments made by Chef Atul Kochhar, we have taken the decision to end our agreement with him for Rang Mahal. With the termination of our agreement, Chef Atul will no longer be associated with the restaurant”.

The 48-year-old cuisinier is famous for running the popular Indian restaurant, Rang Mahal, in Dubai’s Marriott.

The popular chef invited flak after he allegedly posted an inflammatory tweet against Bollywood-International actress Priyanka Chopra on Sunday.

Reportedly, he dissed the actress for purportedly participating in a plot of ‘Quantico’, portraying Hindu nationalists as militants.

After witnessing the controversy over anti-Islam tweet, the chef deleted it and posted an apology calling it a ‘major error’.

“There is no justification for my tweet, a major error made in the heat of the moment on Sunday. I fully recognise my inaccuracies that Islam was founded around 1,400 years ago and I sincerely apologise. I am not Islamophobic, I deeply regret my comments that have offended many”, he said.


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