Anti-Boris Johnson protesters clash with police

Boris Johnson
UK PM Boris Johnson

London, Dec 14 Following Boris Johnson’s victory in one of the UK’s most historic general election, protests were staged here against the Prime Minister, during which demonstrators clashed with the police, the media reported on Saturday.

Demonstrators descended on Whitehall, central London at around 5 p.m. on Friday waving flags and placards, while shouting “not my Prime Minister” just hours after Johnson pledged to heal the divisions of Brexit, as he returned to Downing Street after securing a crushing victory in Thursday’s election over Labour, reports The Daily Mail.

But despite almost 14 million people voting in favour of Johnson’s government, the comparatively tiny crowd, seemingly unable to get over the election result, became embroiled in violent clashes with the police.

Observers across the political spectrum have called out the protesters for taking to the streets so soon after polls closed, and ridiculing them for thinking they will “overthrow” the Prime Minister with such a small number.

Whitehall was closed down as the protesters, surrounded by police, caused chaos in the area.

Hundreds of protesters were also at Trafalgar Square where clashes broke out with police.

A heavy police presence was seen close to the Cenotaph in Whitehall, which was cordoned off as the clashes broke out.

They travelled down Whitehall before moving towards Millbank and Horseferry Road, shouting, “the people, united, we will never be defeated”.

The Metropolitan Police said two arrests had been made in relation to the protests, one person on suspicion of assaulting a police officer and another for suspected affray.

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