Anil Kapoor shares his Achilles’ tendon recovery story

Anil Kapoor, who has been sharing his body transformation videos on Instagram, has a back story to tell, which is likely to inspire you even more. Here’s how he struggled with an issue with hi Achilles’ tendon but overcame it.
anil kapoor

Actor Anil Kapoor’s transformational videos on Instagram all through the lockdown have served as an inspiration to many. Those who have seen the actor from his heydays know that he was always trim. But it is only in his 60s that he has a muscular body. Wait till to listen to story of what he was up against in his journey to a superbly fit body. The actor has revealed how he struggled with Achilles tendon for the last 10 years and has now overcome it.

Anil wrote: “I had been suffering from a Achilles’ tendon issue for over 10 years…. Doctors around the world had told me that surgery was my only option…Dr Muller, through a series of rejuvenating treatments took me from limping to walking to running to finally skipping…without any surgery…” He also shared a bunch of pictures that show him skipping. Two of them are with his doctor who helped him recover.

Achilles’ tendon are a bunch of fibrous tissues at the back of the lower leg. Various abnormalities can take place there which could lead to inflammation and degeneration causing pain.

His fans were full of praise for him; one said: “more power to you sir” while another said: “wow super”. A third person said: “Sir you are lucky that u met a good doctor who opted for rejuvenating treatment else most of the doctors these days are already ready with aprons to operate”, in appreciation for Anil’s Dr Muller.

Anil’s struggle have made his body transformation look even more praiseworthy. In April, he had shared his experience of body building and mentioned how he achieved it without having supplements. He had written: “I made this post not to show off or talk myself up, but to pass on some simple advice on. When it comes to body building, nothing is beyond us. At different ages we can work differently to achieve great results. If you’re asking if you need to spend a lot of money on supplements to achieve this, the answer is no. I have not taken any kind of supplements in this process.” A more recent video of Anil sprinting on the beach too had won him a lot of applause.

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