Andhra man stabbed 11 times to death on busy road, none help


Andhra Pradesh:  In a horrifying murder, a man was brutally stabbed eleven times to death on Kadapa streets and that is on a broad day light in Andhra Pradesh.

The man identified as B. Maruti Reddy (32) was attacked by four persons as soon as he got down from an auto-rickshaw. He tried to escape but fell down near the road divider. The assailants pounced on him and stabbed him repeatedly on the busy road in  Proddutur mandal area. The killers threw their weapon into the canal and fled away from the spot after killing the man.

But the extreme apathy was the passersby just continued to become the mute spectators of the gruesome attack and in such a inhuman act, not a single person came ahead for the rescue. Even some tried to capture him dying on the street.

The gory visuals were recorded on the CCTV cameras in the area. Police said the man was coming to court to appear in connection with a case.
Police suspect old enmity led to the murder. A police officer said they were investigating the incident from all angles.

But the incident has shown the dark side of society that launches protest, held march if government do not work well but when the times comes for them to act, they just take a back step. It is very important to understand that one step can force many to raise voice against the crime.


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