Anand Sharma cautions BJP, says Power is temporary, don’t misuse ED, CBI

New Delhi,July 19 :Congress leader Anand Sharma on Thursday cautioned Narendra Modi government against misusing the investigation agencies in the country, and said that they may not always be in power and “things can turn around in a democracy.”

He said that the Power is not permanent and the BJP government has ‘spoiled the habits’ of agencies like “Enforcement Directorate, Income Tax Vigilance and Central Bureau of Investigation”, and “is using these agencies to go after BJP’s political rivals but before you put the signature on the file, keep in mind that this administration will not be there always. Things can turn around in a democracy.”

“All the agencies are functional on this side (of the aisle). Why do they become dysfunctional on the other side? Are the agencies like Enforcement Directorate and CBI meant for (prosecuting) political rivals, or are they for catching those criminals who have run away with bank money, who have committed fraud,” he asked.

“There are some important issues, which the government must answer about. What were the steps taken by Modi government. in last 4 years against corruption? It has been four years, Lokpal is still not implemented. This is one of the reasons for No Confidence Motion. Numbers for the motion do not matter, it is the non-fulfillment of promises made by Modi govt. that really matter,”Sharma said.


He said the move sets a bad precedent, and could have unintended consequences for BJP leaders and ministers.Sharma also said ministers in the current administration are used to signing off on orders based on “grand announcements”.

“These agencies are getting used to doing certain things (such as targeting the opposition). You have spoiled their habits. Please fix their habits, bring reforms, and follow the law,” he said.

Sharma was participating in today’s Rajya Sabha debate on amending India’s anti-corruption laws.

“We have witnessed several instances where businessmen have run away with people’s money. Savings rate in India has fallen drastically:We are a rule based country. We are a democracy. But the current regime’s priority of the policies is wrong. PM Modi always travels and talks,” Sharma said.

Criticizing Modi’s foreign policy , Sharma said, “PM Modi’s travels haven’t helped our foreign policy. Policy regarding Pakistan is a disaster. PM Modi reduced diplomacy to a photo opportunity.”

“Are there two sets of laws in this country — one for those who oppose the government and is implemented with a political outlook, and another for your own people, some of who face serious allegations? Many of your leaders and chief ministers are facing serious allegations. There have been no inquiries.

The minister’s comments come in the wake of raids by central agencies on politicians belonging to opposition parties such as the Congress and the AIADMK’s Dinakaran Group.

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