Analysing India-Iran close ties, says US

The US is cautiously analysing the implications of growing Indo-Iran ties considering the USD 500 million committed to develop the Chabahar port  by India by saying that Obama administration  will see if its legal parameters and requirements are being met.
As of now, there is no military or counterterrorism cooperation between the two countries that could be a cause of concern for the US, Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia Nisha Desai Biswal told members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee during a Congressional hearing.
She said the US is “watching very closely” India’s relationship with Iran.
“We also track very closely what their economic engagement is and make sure they understand what we believe are legal parameters and requirements,” Biswal said.
“With respect to the announcement in the Chabahar port, we have been very clear with the Indians on what we believe are the continuing restrictions on the activities with respect to Iran and what we have done,” she said.
She was responding to a question on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Iran visit from Senator Ben Cardin, Ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee yesterday.
India’s investment in Chabahar port came months after the lifting of international sanctions on Iran following Tehran’s historic nuclear deal with the Western powers over its contentious atomic programme.
“Obviously nothing appears to be in violations of our agreements. But how do we see India as partner in fighting extremism and financing terrorism?” Cardin said
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