An app to discover aspiring actors, directors


New Delhi, March 13: If you are an aspiring actor, director or producer and looking for an opportunity in the glamour business, a new app can help you out.

Dazzlr is a talent discovery platform that brings together actors, casting professionals, directors and producers. It is aimed at organising casting and talent discovery to address the needs of the film industry in India and beyond.

“Dazzlr is the only platform that seamlessly connects artists with talent seekers. It caters to the unique needs of our peers in the film industry. It enables production houses and casting directors to post their requirements and browse through artist portfolios to bookmark and call them for auditions,” said writer-director Vivek Bohra, Co-Founder, Dazzlr.

The platform has been developed by Quikr in partnership with Bohra, a third generation filmmaker and casting director Aadore Mukherjee.

“While we began with ease and transparency to casting and discoverability for industry professionals, we are sure that the road ahead is going to see many more divisions of the entertainment industry becoming transparent and organised. The whole idea behind the app is to solve the first mile problem,” said Bohra.


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