‘Amma’, the Princess of Tamil Nadu: 10 Unknown Facts

jayalalithaa- unknown facst

New Delhi, Dec 6: The whole nation is mourning the sad demise of Tamil Nadu’s CM Jayalalithaa, known as ‘Amma’, who breathed her last on Monday night at 11:30 p.m at Appollo Hospital.

A thinking actor and an extremely popular and powerful politician, she was a woman who controlled the party with an iron grip.

Jayalalithaa is known to the world as leader of masses and charismatic actress, who  ruled the hearts of people till she breathed her last. She was the reluctant actor and a politician. As we bid her goodbye, WEFORNEWS  bring you some of the 10 unknown facts about Amma:

1. Lowest Salary as CM in Indian History : As a Chief Minister, she withdrew and accepted Re 1 as salary. Jaya refused to accept her first salary cheque as Chief Minister by saying that she had “abundant source of income and she does not need a salary”. On being told that she should receive a salary as a public servant, she accepted a salary of Rs.1/-. The decision made her even more popular among the masses.


2. Jayalalithaa was forced to join  Movie : Jaya was forced to join the Tamil Film industry by her actress mother Sandhya (Real Name-Vedavathi) at the age of 15. She was still a student and a state level topper when she joined acting career.

3. Her name is in the Guinness Book of World Records, for wrong reasons : Apart from thousands of good deeds, Amma’s name once got registered with  Guinness Book of World Records, for some wrong reason. Amma, in the year 1995, during her first term as Chief Minister, organised a lavish wedding for her ‘foster son’ Sudhagaran. As per Guinness record, over 1,50,000 guests were invited to the wedding at a 50-acre ground in Chennai.
It was reported that the reception featured “a cardboard and papier-mache ‘fort’ that covered an area as big as several football fields. For miles between Jayalalithaa’s official residence and the wedding site, streets were decorated with Grecian statues and gilded lions.


4. As Chief Minister, she once took a ‘snana’ in public : The popular Tamil Nadu CM once attended the ‘Mahamakam’ festival in Kumbakonam, the Kumbh Mela of South India. A huge crowd in order to get a glimpse of  Amma resulted in a stampede, causing 50 deaths.

5. Not Only opposition, a Governor once ‘misbehaved’ with Amma: The world knows the incident when Amma was nearly disrobed by DMK MLAs in Tamil Nadu Assembly. But what may not be known to many is that when she was Chief Minister in 1992, she accused the then Governor of Tamil Nadu, M. Channa Reddy, of having “misbehaved” with her.

6. Amma was  denied to watch her own movie: Jaya’s first movie was released as an ‘adult only’. As she was only 15, and under age,  she herself couldn’t watch her first movie.

7. First, to  wear fleshy Dress : As a Tamil actress, she was the first one who dared to wore a sleeveless blouse and got drenched under a waterfall!

8.A writer and a reader:  Jayalalitha is an avid reader and writer of English. She mastered English, Hindi and Tamil languages, she even sang Hindi songs in an interview with popular scribe Simi Grewal.

9.Forced into politics:  Not only acting, she was also forced into politics by his co-star and mentor MGR, who was the patriarch of DMK. She was made the propaganda secretary and was nominated to Rajya Sabha upon her joining.

10. Jaya appeared in 85 Tamil movies.  She also did one Hindi movie, ‘Izzat’, opposite Dharmendra, which was also a hit. The actor remembered his time the politician. She was an excellent dancer, Jayalalitha was trained in Bharata Natyam  but was equally proficient in Mohini Attam, Kathak and Manipuri.



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