Amitabh Bachchan to host ‘Vikas Parv,’ Modi govt’s two year celebrations


The BJP government is about to complete its two years of see-saw ride on May 26. The Nation is all ready to celebrate the big day of Narendra Modi government.

The event christened as “Vikas Parv” will features cake cutting , preparing of laddoos (including a special one in Delhi weighing 731 kg), and the biggest attraction of all, the Shanshah of bollywood Amitabh Bachchan who will host the five-hour long event on Saturday. The event will be marked at India Gate to highlights the central govt’s achievements, that will be live on-aired in nationwide.

The BJP’s recent historic election victory in Assam, that has around 34 per cent Muslim population, will be used by the lotus brigade as a symbol of the BJP reaching out to all communities.narendra-modi-wefornewsTwo days before he completes two years in power, the Prime Minister sent out this signal from Iran, on the completion of a landmark visit to the Islamic republic: “Once minds are made, the distance between Kashi and Kashan is only half a step.”

According to BJP, this signal, could help the party in the next major electoral battlefield, Uttar Pradesh, that is having a Muslim population nearly 30 per Modi-wefornewsVeteran BJP leader Lal Krishna Advani might have been upset at the lost chance for a shot at the top job. He may have pointed fingers at the Modi government in his blogs. But the old warhorse and the party’s “margdarshak” will nonetheless travel to Gujarat to celebrate “Vikas Parv” and address a rally to tell the people about the Modi government’s achievements.

A 21-day-long festival, ‘vikas parv’ will kickstart from May 26 in which 33 teams have been set up, each comprising a cabinet minister, one minister of state and party functionaries from the national, state and district levels. Each team will visit six to seven “nerve centres” where they will highlight the government’s achievements.

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