Allegations against P. Chidambaram are ghost stories: Family

P Chidambaram
File Photo IANS

Chennai, Aug 27 The family of senior Congress leader and former Union Minister P. Chidambaram on Tuesday said the allegations of having properties in multiple countries, shell companies and multiple bank accounts against him are chapters plucked out of ghost stories, one day these ghosts will be buried as there is not a single shred of evidence.

Karti Chidambaram said, ” What I have, that is in my declaration. What I don’t have, I can’t declare. What is this fable which is being branded about that we have overseas properties in all kinds of exotic locations? I would like to see that at least at some point of time.”

In a statement tweeted by Chidambaram’s son Karti Chidambaram, the family said: “We are a small family possessed of enough wealth. We are all income tax assesses. We do not crave for money and we have no need to seek money in unlawful ways.

“We are therefore astounded by the allegations of properties in multiple countries, multiple bank accounts, numerous shell companies etc. These are chapters plucked out of ghost stories, one day these ghosts will be buried.”

The Chidambarams also challenged the government to produce one shred of evidence in support of one undisclosed bank account, one undisclosed property and one shell company anywhere in the world.

The family appealed to the media to exercise restraint, uphold liberty and dignity and stressed that only rule of law will protect all of us, including the media.

The Chidambarams said they were distressed to note that the media has been reporting unsubstantiated and wild allegations agains the former Union Finance Minister.

According to the family, every person is presumed innocent unless proved to be guilty in a court of law.

Chidamabaram is currently in CBI custody in connection with the INX Media case.

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