Akbar’s quitting belated, Modi must speak up: Congress

MJ Akbar

New Delhi, Oct 17 : The Congress on Wednesday called the resignation of Union Minister M.J. Akbar over charges of sexual harassment “belated” and asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to break his silence on the issue.

Akbar quit as Minister of State for External Affairs Akbar following accusations of sexual harassment and molestation by over a dozen women journalists.

“Akbar’s belated resignation is a result of the persistent pressure put by women who have shared their horrific and uncomfortable stories. Now that he has finally resigned, will Prime Minister Modi dare to speak up?” said Ragini Nayak of the Congress.

Citing multiple allegations against BJP leaders and activists in incidents of crime against women, the Congress flayed Modi for his silence and inaction.

“The radio silence of the Prime Minister has deceived those crores of women voters who had placed their faith in the BJP in 2014. People of India are feeling woefully let down by his inactions, muteness and in decisions on such issues,” she said.

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