Ajit Doval’s son to contest 2019 elections from Pauri-Garhwal?

New Delhi, July 1:National security Advisor Ajit Doval’s son Shaurya Doval is likely to contest 2019 Lok Sabha elections from Pauri-Garhwal seat.

It is an open secret as Shaurya has started campaigning by employing different modes of advertising.Huge banners and hoardings have come up in the seven districts of Garhwal region in Uttarakhand carrying his photograph.Shaurya Doval is a member of the state executive committee but no one in the Bharatiya Janata Party or even he comment on reports of his being nominated by the BJP to contest the 2019 general elections from Pauri.

Shaurya Doval,Director of the India Foundation, a think tank, launched his campaign in Dehradun ‘Bemisal Garhwal’ under the banner of ‘Buland Uttarakhand” last week. Through posters, he invites people to connect with his Abhiyan, and lists two telephone numbers.

From one number, one can give a missed call to show support for the campaign, while the other is for information on Shaurya Doval and the Abhiyan.

Pauri Garhwal seat is currently held by former Union Minister Maj General BC Khanduri. But BJP is now looking for young people in politics and the Doval family comes from the Pauri district in the Gharwal division of Uttarakhand.

Speculation about Shaurya Doval joining politics for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections are rife as he attended Uttarakhand BJP state executive committee meeting in Haldwani in December . 43-year-old works closely with the government on policy issues.Uttarakhand BJP president Ajay Bhatt had said Doval is part of an advisory group of eight-nine members from whom he takes advice on various issues, especially those related to the economy.

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