Ajay Kumar Lallu detained again in UP

Ajay Lalu Ram

 UP Congress president Ajay Kumar Lallu was detained in Barabanki on Thursday while he was on his way to meet farmers in Ayodhya.

The UPCC chief alleged that farmers were given varying rates of compensation for land that was being acquired for various development projects including the NH-330 (Ayodhya- Rae Bareli highway).

This is the 25th time in the past six months that Lallu has been prevented by the state government from reaching his destination — be it Azamgarh to meet the family of slain Dalit sarpanch or other such places.

“We will continue our fight against the state government even if they slap a thousand cases on me. Our fight is against the poor, weaker sections and the downtrodden and the Congress will not be cowed down by such tactics,” he told reporters.

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