Police beat AIIMS Bhopal doctors with sticks, blamed for spreading Coronavirus

Both the doctors who were assaulted are PG resident doctors at the Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology at AIIMS, Bhopal.
AIIMS Doctor Yuvraj Singh

Bhopal April 10 : A group of young doctors, including a woman, returning from emergency duty at the AIIMS here sustained injuries when police beat them up with sticks.

The doctors said they had just emerged from the gate of the AIIMS on Wednesday evening enroute their homes in nearby areas when they were ruthlessly attacked by the policemen who had barricaded the area.

“We showed them our IDs and we had our aprons on. There were some more colleagues. The policemen were abusive and said we were the ones causing the viral infection.

“They threw away our belongings and kept hitting us without any rhyme or reason,” said Ritu who was accompanied by her colleagues.

They received first aid from the AIIMS and some friends recorded the version of the doctors in bandage and quavering in trauma.

AIIMS Bhopal Director Sarman Singh downplayed the incident and said “we have no grudge against the police as their officers contacted us and said they have acted promptly against the offenders.

Bhopal City (South) Superintendent of Police Sai Krishna Thota on Thursday took a constable off field duty and ordered an inquiry into the incident.

“The police got a call that some vendors were selling vegetables near AIIMS which they were not supposed to. Two constables rushed to the spot to disperse the crowd.

“The people out there ran helter and skelter seeing the police. Near the same place they met these (two) young doctors in civil dress. It was hard to differentiate them from the other crowd,” he contended.

These doctors were not buying vegetables and were in fact purchasing milk, he added.

“The doctors have sustained no major injuries or fractures. The doctors and the police are on the same page in fighting the virus and we want cordial relations between the two pillars striving to manage the situation,” he said.

Meanwhile, former Chief Minister Kamal Nath tweeted, “Reports of policemen beating two PG doctors including a lady doctor has come to light. This is extremely shameful. We are proud of doctors who are serving people during the pandemic by risking their lives.”

He demanded immediate probe and strict action against the guilty to ensure that such incidents do not occur again.

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