After detection of formalin and lead, selling of fish stopped in Patna


Patna, Jan 14: Sale of fish in Bihar’s capital has been stopped for the next 15 days after a high amount of formalin, lead and cadmium was found in fish samples.

Sanjay Singh, Principal Secretary of Health told media; “Sale of fish in Patna has been stopped for the next 15 days after high amount of formalin was found in 7 out of 10 fish samples and heavy metals like lead and cadmium were found in all 10 samples of fish collected in Patna”.

Formalin is a preservative applied on the fishes to prevent it from decay and it is highly carcinogenic. As per experts, formalin is also used to preserve bodies in mortuaries.

According to World Health Organisation (WHO), heavy metals like lead are also carcinogenic and have toxic effects on human being They damage kidney, skeletal, respiratory system and nervous system.


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