After Delhi, Acid thrown on girl in Mathura’s Bhadar village

Acid attack

Uttar Pradesh, 24 March: Acid attack is that evil practice that leaves a permanent scar not on the body of a women but also on on the soul of a girl that always reminds her about the atrocity of society and destroy all her dreams in one go.

Just after two days, again the heinous crime committed fearlessly by the assailants with the hatred to ruin one’s life, this time acid was thrown on a girl in Mathura’s Bhadar village.

Meanwhile the victim has been admitted to hospital.

Police has registered a against three people.

Acid attacks have become so rare nowadays, as in a recent case of Delhi’s Sangam Vihar also, 20-year-old was attacked with acid.

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This is high time for the government to take some steps to at least stop these crooks who have no right to destroy women’s life.

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