After 16 days of continous hike, Petrol price cut, but by all of 1 paisa

Petrol Price

New Delhi, May 30: After 16 days of continuous hike, fuel prices on Wednesday witnessed a minor reduction. 

The petrol prices have been cut down to just 1 paisa.

Earlier in the morning, Indian Oil Corporation announced that the price of petrol was less by 60 paise in New Delhi and 59 paise in Mumbai. Diesel prices too, they said, were reduced by 56 paise in New Delhi and 59 paise in Mumbai. But later, the prices were revised.

“Indian Oil Corporation corrects earlier figures, Petrol prices went down not by 60 paise in Delhi and 59 paise in Mumbai but by just 1 paise. Diesel prices also went down by just 1 paise instead of 56 paise in Delhi and  59 paise in Mumbai”, India’s top fuel refiner and retailer said in a statement.

“There was a technical glitch in posting the selling prices of petrol and diesel on our website today. The selling prices of petrol and diesel w.e.f 30th May 2018 have been rectified on our website. Today, there is a minor reduction in fuel prices”, it added.

So at present petrol is being sold at Rs 78.42/litre in Delhi and Rs 86.23/litre in Mumbai while diesel stood at Rs 69.30/litre in Delhi and Rs 73.78/litre in Mumbai.

In Kolkata, the revised price of petrol is Rs 71.85 while in Chennai the revised price is Rs 73.17. The cost of fuel vary from state to state depending on local sales tax or VAT.


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