Afghan: 2 killed in attack on Kabul military hospital


Afghan, March 8, 2017: At least two people killed after gunmen dressed as doctors attacked a military hospital close to the U.S. embassy in the capital of Afghanistan, Kabul on Wednesday, the official said.

A security personnel said the attack began with an explosion at the rear of the 400-bed Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan hospital and three to five attackers with automatic weapons and hand grenades entered the complex.

Officials said the gunmen, dressed as medical personnel, had taken the position on upper floors of the hospital and were engaging special forces units sent to the scene.

Security forces cordoned off the area around the hospital, near a busy traffic intersection. As fighting went on, a second explosion was heard from the hospital.

“Our forces are there and there is heavy fighting,” said defence ministry spokesman Dawlat Waziri. He said there was no immediate word on casualties.

The attack on the hospital, across the road from the heavily fortified U.S. embassy, underlines warnings by government officials that high-profile attacks in Kabul are likely to escalate this year as the Taliban step up their insurgency.

 Wefornews Bureau

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