Actress Ashley Judd opens up about teenage sex abuse at Delhi event


NewDelhi, Jan 31: Hollywood actress and activist Ashley Judd opened up about her rape and Sexually harassment said while visiting India that she had been sexually abused more than once.

The 41-year-old actress spokes about prostitution and sexual exploitation of women at the World Congress Against Exploitation of Girls and Women in Delhi.

“I was molested when I was seven years old. I was raped at 14, and then I was raped in 1998. It’s a miracle that I wasn’t trafficked, ” Ashley was quoted saying in a report published in India Today. She also said that the US has a long way to go before it achieves gender equality. “If us survivors can come together, we can create change. The onus of the crime should only go to the perpetrator. And the laws should give women and girls exit strategies to get out of trafficking, ” she added.

The actor also urged people to raise their voices against sexual exploitation and discrimination of sex workers. Ashley also spoke about pay gap in Hollywood.

“There is big pay gap in Hollywood, because of gender discrimination, and my lifetime earnings are 40 percent less than what I should have learned, had there been pay equality in the industry, ” said Ashley.

She also spoke about gender inequality, alleging that as a female actor, she made 40% less than male co-stars. Ms Judd, who is among the celebrities who have publicly opposed American President Donald Trump’s policies, also said that her home country falls short on gender equality, reported media.

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