Abolish big currency notes to restrain black money: Chandrababu Naidu


Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu on Wednesday again urged for scrapping currency notes of Rs 500 and 1,000 to check for black money in the country.

Naidu, in a news conference in his new office at Velagapudi, also express his concern that politics has become a “shelter” for corrupt.

He has urged the ban on the big currency notes earlier too. He added that he will write to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday itself regarding the same.

To find out the culprits who misuse the people’s money for buying votes, it is the need to abolish big currency notes.

“Politics has become a shelter for corrupt people and black money earners,” said Naidu, also the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) chief.

Naidu labeled black money as the root cause of all the evils. He further said that the same can be restrained by abolishing cash and making all the transactions through banks compulsory.

The CM stated that all the payments can be made through a smart phone then there is no requirement for cash transactions.

“In course of time, we have to go for total bank transactions. We have to regulate and create culture. Then only we can control all evils and then only everybody will earn money through genuine way,” he said.

Stating that some people were becoming rich overnight, he said when questioned, they were launching a “counter attack”.

Naidu said such people get votes by distributing Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes among voters. “This is leading to competition among MLAs, who also want to make money to win elections. This is a vicious circle and the only way to break it is to go for total bank transactions,” he added.

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