A wristband can recognise human emotions


New York, May 23: To detect the changes in human emotions especially by epilepsy, an MIT engineer developed a wristband.

The wearable technology has an automated machine that can detect compulsive seizures by combining measures of electrodermal activity on the wrist with sweat response.

“The skin is purely innervated by the sympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system,” said Rosalind Picard, engineer and researcher at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Sympathetic activity occurs during excitement or stress, whether physical, emotional or cognitive.

“We can observe increases in sympathetic brain activation by monitoring subtle electrical changes across the surface of the skin,” Picard added.

Seizures can cause convulsions evidenced by violent shaking and loss of control and consciousness.

When some regions of the brain, such as those involved with anxiety, pain, stress and memory are activated during a seizure.

The accuracy of wrist-worn detector is more than 96 per cent for detecting convulsive seizures.

While the researchers have not demonstrated detection of non-convulsive seizures, 42 percent to 86 percent of non-convulsive,in the paper presented at the American Pain Society Annual Scientific Meeting in Pennsylvania.

In addition, wristband monitor anxiety, mood and stress monitoring and measuring analgesic responses.

“We know that pain exacerbates anxiety and stress and we are doing more studies to determine how reductions in anxiety and stress could indicate an analgesic response activated by a pain management therapy,” Picard said.

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