A special day to thank our angles, Happy Mother’s Day

Mother's Day-wefornews
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A day to give a feel of love to the one who gives us the reasons of unending smile,
who wipes away our tears whenever we cry,
left her morsel to fill our stomach
even forgets her all work if we are in fear
who ignores her wishes just to fulfill our demands
even Inspires us when we fail to try
reminds us Everytime
whenever we forget our lunch in hurry
never leaves us in worse situation
even if we avoid her in  frustation
an angel of our life
which even god can’t deny
Sleeps in the cool site
just to give us the warmth night
when nobody supports us
she alone stands like a pillar behind us
one who understands our every emotions
Loving your Mother is the world’s biggest devotion

-By Shivangi Raghav
Wefornews Bureau

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