A man gets Rs 500 notes from ATM with one side blank!


INDORE, 12 Jan: Adding to the cases of currency printing flaw post demonetisation, a man in Madhya Pradesh’s Khargone received two Rs 500 notes with one side blank from an ATM.

Just a few days ago some villagers from Madhya Pradesh had reported that they have received Rs 2000 notes without Mahatma Gandhi picture.

The recent case came to light in Segaon village where a man named Hemant Soni withdrew Rs 1500 from a State Bank of India ATM and found that two of the currency notes were blank on one side.

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“The print was proper on the side where Mahatma Gandhi’s photograph was printed. The other portion was blank,” Soni told reporters.

He immediately informed the matter to the bank after which the notes were replaced.

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SBI’s Khargone currency chest in-charge PS Panwar told TOI, “Around 4 misprinted currency notes with one side blank, were received and replaced. We tried to ensure that the customers don’t have any trouble.”

Meanwhile, the matter has also been reported to RBI.

Similar, incident was witnessed in Khargone city when one Gajendra Singh of Mohammadpura, withdrew Rs 4500 from an ATM in New Radhavallabh Market. “One of the Rs 500 currency notes was misprinted,” he said.

Singh reported the matter to SBI branch manager Jitendra Verma, who assured him that the currency note will be replaced.

According to the bankers, a bundle of ‘misprinted, but genuine Rs 500 currency notes’ may have got into circulation. “It seems that a bundle might be carrying misprinted notes. It is not possible to check every currency note while filling the ATMS. We will replace all such genuine currency notes in case of misprints,” Panwar said.

Sources said the misprinted currency notes were of ‘D’ series – the alphabet mentioned in the currency notes in water mark, between the two sections of a serial number.

Dewas Bank Note Press officials denied that the currency could have been printed in their facility, claiming that only ‘E’ series currency notes are printed in Dewas.

Another case was reported in Sheopur district of Madhya Pradesh when farmers received newly printed Rs 2000 notes without the image of Mahatma Gandhi from a State Bank of India branch.

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