A letter to Rahul

Raul Gandhi
File Photo Rahul Gandhi

Hello Rahul

You are at the fountain head of the opposition Congress party as a virtual shadow Prime Minister of India. You have a great moral responsibility on your shoulders to take this country out of the present morass in which this great nation has been dragged by the ineptitude of the present BJP Govt. The task is not easy and it will need a Herculean effort from you and your party to take this country on the path of growth and development which Congress party did so efficiently for almost 61 years.

India had lot of expectations from Mr Modi but he badly let down the 133 crore people of this country. He has failed on almost every front, be it employment, law and order, external security, education, health sector or the women security. The state of affairs is much worse than what it was in May, 2014 when BJP came to power on the strength of unprecedented majority they got in the 2014 Parliamentary elections.

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Narenra Modi During 2014 Lok Sabhja Election Rally

Now after three and a half years of this Govt, the youth of this country has virtually no jobs and those who have jobs are also scared of losing it. The industrial production is down, private investment is at its lowest in the last two decades, exports have slumped and the real estate sector which employed majority of the daily wage workers is in doldrums.

The time is most opportune for you to take a lead as youth of this country is fed up with Modi’s false promises and posturing and they are looking towards you with lot of hope and expectations. The time has come to take the protest to an all India level against the misrule of this Govt. The Congress has always been the torchbearer and the trendsetter for the crores of marginalized people of this country. This country needs Congress party in this moment of trauma which was forced upon billions of people by an inept and a despotic Govt.

Gandhi family has always served this country in hours of crisis be it Nehru, Indira Gandhi or Rajiv Gandhi. When India became independent in 1947 it was Nehru’s visionary leadership which firmly established our country in the comity of nations. The foundation of all our great institutions were laid during his time and it was he who adopted the mixed economy model for the country.

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Gandhi Family

Mrs Gandhi gave solidity to that concept and was also instrumental in making India as a major military power. Her unmatched stewardship resulted in the historic victory of 1971 Indo-Pak war which further enhanced India’s reputation. She took path breaking decisions like nationalisation of private banks and abolishing Privy Purse to erstwhile princely states.

After the assassination of Mrs Gandhi in 1984, the responsibility of steering the country fell on your father Rajiv Gandhi and it was probably the best thing to have happened for India. Rajiv was a product of modern and advanced thinking and he knew that without adopting computerisation the country cannot move in the fast lane of development. He gave impetus to technology and worked towards cutting the typical red tapes in order to pass the benefits to the marginalised and poor. Unfortunately he fell to the conspiracy of LTTE and couldn’t take his ideas further.

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Sonia Gandhi’s act of declining the prime minister’s post in 2004 and appointing Manmohan Singh cemented

In 2004 Parliament elections the Congress Party emerged as the largest constituent of UPA and your mother Mrs Sonia Gandhi was unanimously chosen to become the Prime Minister. In a move which shocked crores of people of this country, she passed the mantle of leading the nation to Dr Manmohan Singh and stood behind him like a rock for next ten years.

The misrule of BJP for last 40 months has battered the economy and wiped off jobs. The agriculture is in distress, the banks are crumbling under the huge burden of NPAs, the traders are crying over ill conceived GST and unorganized sector is devastated by the twin impacts of note ban and GST. The social fabric of country is in tatters because of the communal agenda pursued by this Govt and the cross border attacks in Kashmir has become a daily affair.

The country, at present is on cusp from where it will either regain its glory or will further slide on the path of anarchy and chaos. The country has seen enough of a despot who posed as a man of masses and sold his dream of “Achhe Din” which was a camouflage to usurp power. Fortunately, his ulterior motives are now exposed and the 900 million voters of this country are eagerly waiting for 2019 Parliament elections to throw this Govt from power.

India has reached a situation where once more a Gandhi is most likely to play a decisive role in guiding the destiny from this present state of hopelessness. So, take the bull by its horns and rewrite the history as 133 crore people of this country need you more than ever before.

We, the people

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