Another victim of Rs 2000 Churan note by Children Bank of India steps forward



New Delhi, February 23: Had officials of SBI considered Sangam Vihar ATM’s Rs 2000 Churan notes as a stand-alone joke by a few miscreants, they need to think over.

Another victim, Sidhant Shashikar has come forward and he claims that a Ghaziabad ATM had dispensed Children Bank of India Rs 2000 note days before case that was reported yesterday.

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He says that on January 24 he was duped with a fake Rs 2000 and bank manager had allegedly brushed him off when he went to recover his money. He says he would file a police report now.

“When I checked the note, I could not believe my eyes. It had the words ‘Churan Lable’, ‘Bharatiya Manoranjan Bank’ and ‘Children Bank of India’ written on it. I immediately realised something was wrong and showed it to the guard at the ATM before visiting the branch manager,” said Shashikar.

The bank manager, however, the note in question did not belong to them “as all the notes are sorted before replenishing them in the ATM”.

They even wrote a mail to SBI officials at [email protected], but received no response.

“There is no redressal system where I can seek help. Your customer care numbers have been constantly busy and not responding and not giving me the right choice. Your website is not opening,” his aunt wrote in her mail to SBI.

They had kept the note safely with them all this while and have now come forward in a hope to recover their money.

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