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Kamala Harris
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Kamala Harris appreciates India’s vaccination efforts

On Covid-19, our nations have worked together. Early in the pandemic, India was a vital source of vaccines for other countries. When India experienced a surge of Covid in the country, the United States was very proud to support India in its need and responsibility to vaccinate its people.
Adult Immunisation
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Why Vaccination Should be Compulsory by PETER SINGER

Although the first compulsory seat-belt laws met with strong objections when they were introduced 50 years ago, nobody bothers to complain about such a commonsense rule anymore. In mandating vaccination against COVID-19, governments today can offer the same basic justification for protecting both individuals and society.
On Liberty, Conspiracy, and Vaccination
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On Liberty, Conspiracy, and Vaccination

Now that vaccine hesitancy has emerged as a major threat to achieving herd immunity, public authorities might be tempted to crack down on the conspiracy theories that are fueling it. But before they do, they should revisit John Stuart Mill's famous defense of free speech.
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COVID vaccination drive: What people said

-- Congress leader Manish Tewari: It's all a bit puzzling India has no policy framework for authorising emergency use. Yet, two vaccines have been approved for restricted use in emergency situation. COVAXIN is another story -- Approvals sans Due Process
Social Media Vigour
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Social Media: A saviour or a predator?

Taken together, the documents underline just how extensively Facebook was allegedly studying coronavirus and vaccine misinformation on its platform as the virus tore across the world, unearthing findings that concerned its own employees.
Covid-19 vaccination
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Vaccine Injustice is a Shame on all Humanity: WHO

At the briefing, Maria Van Kerkhove, the WHO's technical lead on Covid-19 noted that while data from some countries indicate that the delta variant causes an increased risk of hospitalisation, it is preventing deaths.